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The Health Benefits of Non-Surgical Mommy Makeovers

Post-Partum Blues in Los Angeles

Living in LA, it's like the whole city's on a perpetual juice cleanse, especially for new moms trying to "bounce back" after baby. You've got celeb moms rocking six-packs before their newborn's first check-up! It's enough to make any post-partum mom feel like she's competing in the Olympics of motherhood. Everywhere you look, it's all about #Fitspo and #BodyGoals, like we're living in a real-life Instagram filter.

 It’s hard to know if these moms have the best hormones in town or are  getting Mommy Makeovers at their local LA plastic surgery joint. I can tell you, from firsthand experience, that many big stars (who don’t want to be mentioned), are getting non-surgical Mommy Makeovers at Body Contouring med spas like ours. And the benefits are not just cosmetic. Body Sculpting Mommy Makeovers also have many benefits for health and wellness. 

Non-Invasive Mommy-Makeover: More Than Cosmetic Benefits

If you’re working your butt off with diets and exercise and not seeing the results you want, chances are your body really needs the health boost body sculpting can provide. Award-winning actress, Drew Barrymore, was only able to get her body back after 2 pregnancies by using Body Sculpting technology. She had diastasis recti — when the abdominal muscles separate — during her pregnancies, and her core never went back together.“I love exercising, but after two kids I kept getting injured because I just did not have a core,” Barrymore told PEOPLE last June. “My midsection was like a fish tank and I just kept getting sidelined.” After her non-invasive Mommy Makeover, she was able to exercise and give her body the movement that put her back in balance. 

Let’s take a closer look at how a Non-Invasive Mommy Makeover can improve a woman’s overall health and wellness. 

9 Health Benefits of Non-Surgical Mommy Makeovers

  1. Restoring Core Strength & Healing Diastis Recti: You've just conquered childbirth like a warrior, but now you're left feeling like your core is more like a jigsaw puzzle missing a few pieces. Enter non-invasive body contouring, your secret weapon for restoring that post-pregnancy powerhouse. Whether you've battled with diastasis recti or just need a little extra oomph in your core game, these procedures have your back (and front). By tightening and toning those abdominal muscles, they're not just giving you back your pre-baby body. Tthey're giving you the strength to work out in a healthy way and tackle mom life like the superhero you are. So say goodbye to back pain and hello to a solid core. 

  2. Improving Functional Movement: Let's face it—being a mom is like a never-ending game of Twister, with a side of Tetris thrown in for good measure. But with non-invasive body contouring, you can say goodbye to those awkward twists and turns and hello to smooth, fluid movements that would make even a yogi jealous. By banishing excess skin and stubborn fat deposits, these procedures are like the cheat code to everyday life, making it easier than ever to wrangle toddlers, conquer grocery shopping, and tackle that never-ending pile of laundry. It also makes it easier to shine in your yoga and other workout routines. So go ahead, mama—embrace your inner ninja and show the world what you're made of.

  3. Enhancing Physical Comfort: From leaky boobs to stretch marks that could give the San Andreas Fault a run for its money, post-pregnancy changes can wreak havoc on your comfort levels. But fear not, because non-invasive body contouring is here to save the day. Say goodbye to chafing, skin irritation, and those dreaded workout sessions that feel more like torture than self-care. With these procedures in your corner, you can finally bid farewell to those uncomfortable post-pregnancy woes and hello to a life filled with comfort, confidence, and maybe even a little bit of luxury. After all, you deserve it, mama.

  4. Improved Core Stability: In the land of LA, where everyone seems to be doing planks on the beach, strengthening your core isn't just about scoring a killer Instagram pic—it's about reclaiming control of your body post-pregnancy. Non-invasive Mommy Makeover procedures target those stubborn post-baby bulges, giving your abs the boost they need to support your spine, improve posture, and reduce back pain. So, next time you're chasing your little one around Runyon Canyon, you can do it with confidence and a core that's as solid as your morning latte.

  5. Reduced Pressure on the Pelvic Floor: It’s time to stop feeling like you're carrying the weight of the Hollywood sign on your pelvic floor. Non-invasive body contouring is here to lighten the load. By saying goodbye to those extra pounds and excess skin, you're not just shedding inches, you're relieving pressure on your pelvic floor muscles. That means fewer trips to the bathroom during your hot yoga class and more time feeling like the goddess of Griffith Park. 

  6. Enhanced Posture and Alignment: In a city where everyone's vying for the best spot in line at SoulCycle, good posture isn't just about looking taller—it's about feeling stronger from the inside out. Non-invasive Mommy Makeover procedures can help you stand tall and proud, whether you're strutting down Rodeo Drive or wrangling groceries out of the trunk of your Prius. So, go ahead and rock that mom bun like it's a crown—you've earned it.

  7. Facilitated Exercise and Physical Activity: Who has time to worry about pelvic floor exercises when you're too busy dodging paparazzi at the farmer's market? Non-invasive body contouring is your secret weapon for getting back into the fitness game without missing a beat. By smoothing out those trouble spots and giving you the confidence to rock your favorite Lululemons, these procedures make it easier than ever to get your sweat on, whether you're hitting the hiking trails or mastering the art of stroller lunges.

  8. Enhanced Sexual Health: Let's face it—in a city where everyone's a perfect 10, feeling sexy after having a baby can seem like Mission: Impossible. But with non-invasive Mommy Makeover procedures, you can reclaim your confidence and reignite the spark in the bedroom. Say goodbye to those pesky insecurities and hello to a love life that's hotter than a summer day in Malibu. So, go ahead and turn up the heat—LA's got nothing on you.

  9. Boosting Confidence and Mental Well-being: Being a mom is like a rollercoaster ride—full of highs, lows, and more than a few unexpected twists and turns. But with non-invasive body contouring, you can reclaim your confidence and ride that rollercoaster like a boss. Say goodbye to those nagging doubts and insecurities and hello to a newfound sense of self-assurance that would make even Beyoncé jealous. These procedures aren't just about looking good—they're about feeling good, inside and out. So go ahead, mama—embrace your inner goddess and show the world what you're made of.

Book Your Mommy Makeover Today

In a city where every mom deserves to feel like a star, Contourology in Brentwood is your backstage pass to post-pregnancy confidence and vitality. Say goodbye to the pressure to "bounce back" and hello to a journey that's all about reclaiming your power and embracing your unique beauty. 

With non-invasive body contouring treatments designed to restore core strength, improve functional movement, enhance physical comfort, and boost confidence, Contourology is here to support you every step of the way. And the best part? Your first session is 50% off! So why wait? 

Book your free consultation today and let Contourology help you shine like the superstar you are. Learn more about our Body Sculpting packages and start your transformation today. Your body—and your inner goddess—will thank you.

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